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Life is just the stuff that happens while you're  waiting to go to the theatre!




My only regret in the theatre is that I could never sit out front and watch me. Noel Coward


"Ideal stage managers not only need to be calm professionals, but masochists who feel pride in rising above impossible odds - Peter Hall"


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March 19th



Welcome to Community-Theatre.com


Carpe Diem "While we live, let us LIVE!




Another black box theatre lost to developers. Saturday nights' wonderful production of Tommy was the final performance at The Shop theatre.


Thank you Jim for that wonderful performance space!


Sad end of an era. Can Am Importique has closed its doors after almost 40 years. Thank you Paul for helping community theatre all these years. Here's some photo's from the last day. :-(


Looking for a good monologue? 100monologues.com


I LOVE MUSICALS!!! But rather than me listing them, go to Adam's fabulous site! Vancouvermusicals.com


Every once in awhile I hear from someone new that found my site and has something to add to it. This time an amazing theatre history site from Mrs Millers class from Valley Charter school in California. I maintain this site to give something back because theatre has enriched my life, so thank you for your addition, 'cause this is why I do it! Click here for the site


Need prop knives? Fabulous site! See props page.


I had a new SM ask me how to mark a script and how to call a show. See stage manager job descriptions for those additions as well as a couple of handy forms.


I am a pop culture junkie! I love stuff that takes place in parking lots, rental halls or people's houses. I've started a web page. Pop Culture. Not much on it yet, but I'll keep adding to it.  Just starting to add online stuff. Got a weird site or event for me?


I am so honoured that people use this site as a theatrical resource. Ever once in a while I will hear from a user somewhere out there in Cyber land that give me a new link to post. The latest was Alicia - Costume Discounters. (Don't let the name fool you.  It's actually a resource page for students and teachers. Great link!)

Got a good link for me? Address below.



If anyone wants to see some different things on this site, please email me and let me know!


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